Michelle's Story

Meet Michelle and Sofia! These two ladies have been matched since the spring of 2014, and they have been wonderful friends ever since.

Michelle works at the Lloydminster Exhibition Association as the Rental Coordinator. During her tenure, she witnessed the enthusiasm of young volunteers who helped out with events. This excitement led Michelle to the decision to become a Big Sister at our organization.

“I look forward to hanging out with Sofia.” Michelle says. “I feel I can always show or teach her something new...She is my excuse to go to children’s movies, my person to drag along to pedicures, and is the reason I have to keep my house remotely clean.”

“Having Sofia in my life has changed it for the better. She reminds me to slow down and enjoy things, and to laugh at silly situations and really reminds me of a metabolism I use to have. Seriously she can eat. She reminds me of how far I've come in my own life. Sometimes I get wrapped up in trying to accomplish so much that I forget the successes I've already had or to stop and enjoy the process...she makes me think about my values and lets me know that not everyone has the same ones...”

“She has a piece of my heart, and I know that I will always have her in my life.”

Sofia echoes Michelle’s positivity, and enjoys the time they spend together like their first trip to Edmonton, or trying sushi for the first time. She says that Michelle and her “Always have a ton of fun”, and she also enjoys the advice that Michelle gives her, such as “NO BOYS til I'm 25!”

For anyone looking to become a Big Sister or a Big Brother, please contact our office at 306-825-5757 or email our Director of Service Delivery at jenns@bbbslloydminster.ca for more information.

Sofia and Michelle with award